Latest News

Latest News

Term 3 – Week 10 – Wednesday 21st September 2022

Friday marks the final day for Term 3. We have much to be proud of in the past 10 weeks. Some of our achievements and events include:
– Parish/School Masses
– NAIDOC celebrations
– Installation of our new Drink Stations

Term 3 – Week 8 – Wednesday 7th September 2022

Last Sunday, we celebrated Father’s Day. We openly talk about fathers, stepfathers, foster fathers, grandfathers, uncles and the loved men in our lives. Many of us are blessed to have a combination of father figures who love and support us.

Term 3 – Week 6 – Wednesday 24th August 2022

If we surveyed all parents, I am confident it could be any of the above in a variety of combinations, with parents having different prioritized reasons as to why they choose to send their children to Holy Spirit School.

Term 3 – Week 4 – Wednesday 10th August 2022

On Friday last week at our assembly, I was incredibly humbled to be acknowledged by the school community on Primary Principal?s Day. It was lovely to hear the choir sing and the very kind words by Mr Michael, our School Captains and the Kinder students. I am incredibly lucky to have a very committed staff to work with each day, and a team is more powerful when it works together

Term 3 – Week 2 – Wednesday 27th July 2022

A new term brings renewed energy and optimism. In the 5 years that I have called Albury home, I think it has been the coldest winter, but things are starting to change. We are closer to Spring than Winter. The days will continue to get longer and in a little under 10 weeks our students can be wearing summer uniform again. It is a chance for all of us to make renewed efforts to be our ?best self?


Term 1 – Week 3 – Wednesday 8th February 2022

I hope you have had a relaxing break and enjoyed the beginning of the 2023 school year. It is great to see so many smiling faces enter the school gates again this year. It is a privilege to work in our school community, and we look forward to working with you throughout the year ahead. A warm welcome is extended to everyone.

Term 4 – Week 10 – Wednesday 15th December 2022

After an incredibly busy year the final week of school has arrived with only 2 school days left. Each one of us has many memories of our school year. We would like to acknowledge and give thanks to all members of our community for your contributions to our school in 2022.

Term 4 – Week 8 – Wednesday 30th November 2022

As we do every year, our Orientation Morning will take place next Thursday, 8th December. Students will have the opportunity to move up to the next year level with their peers, working with their new  teacher in anticipation of 2023.