Latest News

Latest News

Term 4 – Week 10 – Wednesday 15th December 2022

After an incredibly busy year the final week of school has arrived with only 2 school days left. Each one of us has many memories of our school year. We would like to acknowledge and give thanks to all members of our community for your contributions to our school in 2022.

Term 4 – Week 8 – Wednesday 30th November 2022

As we do every year, our Orientation Morning will take place next Thursday, 8th December. Students will have the opportunity to move up to the next year level with their peers, working with their new  teacher in anticipation of 2023.

Term 4 – Week 6 – Wednesday 16th November 2022

Many of you have heard the phrase ?It takesa whole village to raise a child??
This phrase is one we often refer to on the understanding that as a member of the Holy Spirit School community, we all play a part in supporting and encouraging others to be their best self. The students of Holy Spirit look to us, as the adults, to role model the behaviours they are expected to carry out.

Term 4 – Week 4 – Wednesday 2nd November 2022

To me, having courage used to mean overcoming extraordinary challenges, like climbing Mount Everest or running with the bulls. It never dawned on me that I demonstrate bravery every day, in fact, we all do. Even though we aren?t necessarily facing tough physical challenges like climbing a mountain, we deal with a variety of obstacles and a multitude of fears as a part of our daily lives.

Term 4 – Week 2 – Wednesday 19th October 2022

Term 4 always brings with it a multitude of occasions and celebrations. Each one of these, without wishing our year away, comes on us very quickly. They include more Overnight Camps, Excursions, Swimming Carnival, School Performance, End of Year fun days, Orientation Days, Year 6 Celebrations and Final Assemblies. I?m almost exhausted thinking about them.


Term 1 – Week 9 – Wednesday 22March 2022

Over the last 3 weeks we have had two Open Days for Kinder enrolments for 2024. It might seem early but families are looking at schools for their children. Choosing a school is a significant and important decision.

Term 1 – Week 7 – Wednesday 8th March 2022

On the 23rd and 24th of February we held our Year 6 Leadership days. We were extremely lucky to have guest speakers to enhance the leadership capabilities of our students. Many thanks Mrs Jane Plum from Catholic Mission, Olympic rower Mr Richard Hamilton and Sinead Kilroy & Year 12 leaders from Xavier High School (and HSSold scholars) Issac, Xavier, Steph and Karly for sharing their experiences and expertise

Term 1 – Week 5 – Wednesday 2th February 2022

In less than a fortnight, parents and teachers are gathering to meet for ?Get to Know?sessions on Tuesday 7th March. The focus of these conversations is for teachers to listen to parents and share information. Teachers are keen to hear how children best learn, what they may be challenged by and to establish goals for the 2023 school year