We are committed

At Holy Spirit School we are committed to ensure that all students and staff attending this school are protected from skin damage caused by harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. We are also aware that as educators it is our role to teach our children responsible practices to reduce the risk of skin damage resulting from exposure to the sun. 

Primary School Students sitting with each other

As part of our commitment, we will: 

    • Require our children to wear a wide brimmed school hat whenever they are outside (eg. recess, lunch, sport and excursions) during Term 1 and Term 4, and also on days where the UV Index is at 3 or above (this can occur often in the winter months so children should have their hat at school every day). Our school staff actively model wearing broad-brimmed hats while on duty and on outside activities; 
    • Provide SPF 30 + broad spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen for staff and students use; 
    • Encourage the daily application of sunscreen before school and prior to the lunch break; 
    • Encourage children to use available areas of shade for outdoor activities 
    • Organise outdoor activities be held before and after peak UV time; 
    • Incorporate programs on skin cancer prevention and sun safety into the curriculum at all grade levels.